Puela Lunaris is an internationally acclaimed performing artist, a workshop leader, and a speaker who coaches executives and entrepreneurs to develop their stage presence and presentation skills.

As a dancer, choreographer, speaker, filmmaker, writer, producer and spoken word artist using many mediums of expression, I live a life devoted to creativity and research. Sharing my creativity and sparking the creative energies in others is one of my primary motivations when I perform, produce, write, teach and create using web technologies.

I know that I was born to dance. I agree with Plato that dancing is the natural expression of our emotions through the motions of our bodies. I dance out of the sheer necessity to feel fully alive.

Puela Lunaris teaches goddess dance and sacred bellydancing in her online school

I am fascinated by the ancient and the primordial. That is why I have chosen dance, an ancient and primordial art form, as my most important means of artistic expression. I am equally fascinated by everything that is “cutting edge,” and I find myself most at home experimenting with technology, whether in the mediums of digital video, web-based technologies or producing music.

I am particularly enamored with the Internet, because it is interactive and international. I love to know that I can actively connect with anybody in the world. It seems to me like a powerful medium through which I can benefit many people through my art and creativity.

I see my art as a link integrating the primordial aspects of dance with the cutting edge aspects of technology. I believe that in our highly sedentary, media-intense culture, we need to dance and to be connected with our bodies more than ever. For this reason I have developed systems like The Dance of the Universe™, a whirling meditation; as well as Archetypal Wisdom™ and Lila Yoga-Dance™, which take dance off the stage and into people’s lives as a tool for self-exploration and self-development.

rescue aspects of Flamenco that are in danger of extinction, such as the Zambra and teaches them on her online schoolI am passionate about saving dance and music traditions that are in danger of extinction and the wisdom inherent in them. I do this through documenting and preserving them on film, and by producing live performances that honor them. I consider the wisdom they convey an important legacy for generations to come; I want to contribute to revitalizing these traditions and give a voice to those who make them come alive. As a result, in 1994, I created Dances of the World Society, to collaborate with organizations and individuals that wish to support these efforts.

The natural place to start was with my own culture, and I developed The Chanelar Flamenco Project, to rescue aspects of Flamenco that are in danger of extinction, such as the Zambra and the Recitado Flamenco. A major undertaking within the Chanelar Flamenco Project is the production of the Sacred Spain Trilogy, a series of documentaries about Flamenco as an oral tradition. The Rap & The Cross, the first documentary in the trilogy, is a vibrant film that explores the Flamenco oral tradition known as Sevillanas Corraleras, from different historical and anthropological perspectives, as a form of rap, and in terms of its connection with the symbol of the cross.
My commitment is to living everyday in dedication to benefiting people by manifesting in tangible mediums of artistic expression the intangible forces of creativity, knowing that every step contributes to fulfilling the destiny I was born to live.