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Puela Lunaris offer online professional trainings for dancers. flamenco arabe, flamenco fusion, bellydance, zambra mora, barefoot flamenco,

Enjoy a super-comprehensive, affordable, multimedia, interactive, professional development program for dancers that includes the prestigious Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco for World Fusion™, Zambra Mora, and much more…


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What Can You Gain From The Lunaris Online Academy Membership?

This super-comprehensive professional development training is divided into three tracks: 1) Your Body 2) Your Artistry 3) Your Impact in the World. You will gain access to an exciting variety of courses offering you just about everything you need to take your dance to the next level! Plus interactive, live office hours/group coaching with Puela, and a wonderful international community of dancers/dance teachers.

goddessYour Body
✓ Injury Prevention
✓ Self-Care Secrets
✓ Dance for Fitness
✓ Conditioning Exercises
✓ Anatomy in Plain English
✓ Warm-ups & Cool-downs
✓ Movement Arts for Well-Being™
Puela Lunaris lead online dance teachers trainings and certification programs, gypsy skirt dance, zambra, barefoot flamenco for bellydancersYour Artistry
✓ Unique Choreographies ✓ Dance Composition
✓ Improvisation
✓ Musicality
✓ Rhythmic Training
✓ Inspiration from History & Culture
✓ Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco Technique™
The Lunaris Online Training for Dance Teachers is a comprehensive, multimedia, interactive 8 week Online Dance Teachers Training and Certification Program in which you have live access to me and to a wonderful community of dedicated dance teachersYour Impact in the World
✓ Teaching
✓ Performing
✓ Stage presence
✓ Costuming
✓ Make-up
✓ Staging
✓ Self-Confidence
✓ Savvy Marketing
✓ Successful Presentation Skills™


Could I Use What I Learn in My Own Fusions?

Yes, absolutely. With your membership fee, when you join this professional training, you get a Derivative Works License so you can create as many fusions as you want based on the proprietary dance technique you will be learning.

As we all know, fusion is huge in the dance world. I am totally supportive about you developing your own creativity. In your classes and performances, you can blend the great wealth of knowledge you will gain in this training and use in your own fusions and choreographies. For more details, take a look at our Terms of Service

Let me show you how the elements of Barefoot Flamenco you will be learning can be put together to create vibrant fusion choreographies. In the video below, I am performing a Flamenco-Bellydance fusion choreography to traditional Rumba Flamenca Moruna using many of the elements you´ll learn in this training.

Here is an example of the Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance improvised to live fusion music of the ever popular BeatboxGuitar:

What Specifically Will I Learn?

Here Are All the Courses You Gain Immediate Access to:

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Plus you also get:

  • Fully licensed music for performance and fully licensed practice music to teach your classes ($1800 value)
  • A legally fully licensed, Turn-Key, Ready-to-Go, set of unique and exciting choreographies that you can get certified to teach and perform if you wish to do so. You, your troupe, and your students will also be licensed to perform these dances.
  • A Derivative Works License so you can create right away your own fusions based on the proprietary dance technique you will be learning.
  • Flamenco Rhythms Revealed Play and Practice™ (rhythmic training).
  • The Lunaris Self-Care Technique™ (excellent for your warm-ups and cool-downs, based on concepts of Sacred Geometry from ancient Mediterranean cultures such as Egypt, Babylon, Greece and ancient wisdom traditions such as QiQong and Yoga)
  • Community!
  • Complimentary Offices Hours with Puela (Group Coaching)

Puela Lunaris is the leading expert worldwide on barefoot feminine ´flamenco dancingYou will also learn and be able to teach the foundational elements of the Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco for World Fusion Technique™ such as Floreo (hand moves), Braceo (armwork), Marcajes (marking the rhythm with your feet and body), Vueltas (turns), Contoneos (sways), Andares (traveling steps), Percusión Corporal (body percussion) and 33 awesome, genuinely traditional Spanish Gypsy Skirt Techniques. All these elements you can blend in your classes and use in your own fusions and choreographies.

Why Train Under Puela?

In case you don’t know me, I would like to share with you why am I qualified to lead you on this path.

Teaching dance for me is a magical adventure that allows me to meet wonderful people and gives me the freedom to live anywhere I want in the world. And I can show you, step by step, how to achieve this for yourself.

Puela Lunaris leads online dance teachers trainings, spanish gypsy skirt dance and zambra certification programsI have been making a living as a dancer/dance teacher for the last 20 years and counting. During these many years I have discovered multitude of important inner and outer success strategies that you are going to benefit from.

I wish I had a training like this when I got started! It would have saved me years of trial and error trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

Furthermore, besides my extensive expertise as a professional dancer and dance teacher, I am also the eternal student. I am always investing in my own professional development. And, I must tell you: it more than pays off.

Not only have I earned a B.A. in Dance Education from the State University of New York, I have also accomplished many teacher trainings and certification programs myself, including:

  • Dance Education Laboratory’s Year-Long Teacher Training
  • National Dance Institute: Dance Teacher Training Intensive
  • Community Word Project’s Year-Long Multidisciplinary Teaching Artist Program
  • Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training Certification by the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
  • Chair-Yoga Teacher Training Certification by the Integral Yoga Institute International
  • Qi Gong Teachers training Certification by the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner Certification by the NLP Center of New York
  • Yoga for Stress-Management Certification by the Integral Yoga Institute International

Puela Lunaris is a disciple of the legendary maestro el farruco, grandfather of farru and farruquitoIn the field of Flamenco, I have been blessed to study under some of the most legendary gypsy dancers of all time, such as Maestro “El Farruco,” Matilde Coral, and Estrella Morena.

In the field of Bellydance, I’ve completed ethnographic field research in Morocco, Iraq Jordan, and -of course- Spain.

Always fascinated by world dance diverse ethnic traditions, I have also learned a great deal of dancing in the kitchens of families from Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Armenia, Lebanon and India.

My classical ballet training under the great Adolfo Leon in Madrid, Spain, has been as well a great foundation for my dance career.

However, what I think has made me a sought after instructor is my extensive research on dances of Morisco, Gypsy and Sephardi origins from my native Spain. Specially, my dedicated work to save Zambra and different Barefoot Flamenco styles from danger of extinction.

Thousands of successful, smart women around the world are learning, practicing and enjoying my Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance. I can humbly say that this choreography is an Amazon best-seller. So, there is a warm market waiting for you.

This dance appeals to women in general and to Bellydancers in particular because is very different from the footwork-based Flamenco style you see around.

Instead of sounding like a human machine gun, you sway your hips and ripple your skirt into passionate flames with a feminine mystique that leaves your audience wanting more.

Puela Lunaris teaches online pure feminine flamenco for bellydancers

This is a trophy photo! These Gypsy grandmothers are the matriarchs of several clans of the most famous Gypsy performers in Spain called Gypsy Dynasties. If you are like me, having had the opportunity and the honor to learn directly from them is the ultimate dream come true for a cultural dancer.

As the founder of Dances of the World Society, my mission is to rescue dance and music traditions in danger of extinction by documenting them audio-visually in their natural environment. I have exclusive footage illustrating the essence of Gypsy culture in Spain, some of which I will be sharing with you during our training.

As far as my teaching experience goes, my list is too long. So I will only highlight a few special places: I have taught at Peter Gabriel’s W.O.M.A.D. Festivals, The Omega Institute, Hollins University, The Performing Arts Network in Miami Beach, The Centro Andaluz de Danza in Seville, The Escuela de Música y Danza in Madrid, The Rakkasah/Spring Caravan Festival, The Juilliard School, The CUNY Dance Department, The New York Open Center, and The Instituto Cervantes in New York City. Furthermore, I have been a dance Teaching Artist with the prestigious New York City Center for 11 years and a licensed per diem dance teacher with the NYC D.O.E for 4 years.

Puela Lunaris with Deepak Chopra right before performing for one of deepak's book launch in new york citySome of my most memorable performances have taken place at Alexander the Great’s Throne Room during The International Babylon Festival 1999 (Iraq), Teatro de la Villa (Madrid), and Goddessdance (New York City). It was a delight to perform for members of the Royal Jordanian family in Amman, as it was to perform for Former Vice-president Al Gore and Dr. Deepak Chopra at the Alliance for the New Humanity in San Juan (PR). I have also had the pleasure to enjoy numerous TV appearances including all major National Television Networks in Spain, R.A.I. (Italy), Univision, NBC, CNN and PBS in the U.S.A.

Moreover, based on my 20+ years as a dance teacher and workshop leader, I have developed the Successful Presentations Skills™ methodology used by top executives and dynamic entrepreneurs whom I coach in New York City.

I am not telling you all these things about myself to impress you. I only wish to impress upon you the fact that I have the capability and expertise to nurture you. And, that throughout our training, I am lovingly dedicated to your success as a dancer and dance teacher.

Why Online?

I know how logistically challenging and expensive it can be to travel and spend weeks in New York City or in Spain to study with me in person. To make it more convenient and save you money on travel costs, I have created this multimedia, interactive Lunaris Online Dance Academy, so you can have access to quality professional development and learn everything you need from the comfort of your home.

Puela Lunaris offers a comprehensive online dance teachers certification program I believe in the power of the internet to connect us all. I love it because because it is interactive and international. Actually, I am not only a professional dancer, I am also a multimedia producer. It is my mission to bring together the primordial and magical aspects of dance with the ground-breaking aspects of technology.

I have produced this exciting multimedia home study training, so you can have access to quality professional development anywhere in the world, at your own pace. Plus, taking this training you can also interact with me and connect with an international community of wonderful dance teachers like yourself.

I am often asked if people need to be technologically savvy to participate in this online training?
The answer is NO. You don’t need to be technologically savvy, but you need to be technologically literate on a basic level. That means that you need to know how to press play on a video, you need to know how to login onto a web site using a user name/password and you need to know how to use email.

I am a tech queen. If you need some basic support, I can help. Plus, we have a webmaster on duty that generally can help with anything within 24 hours. A fringe benefit you’ll get from this course is that your level of comfort and intimacy with computers and technology can soar exponentially! A great skill to enjoy in our media-rich culture.

How Am I Going to Learn All This Online?

Puela Lunaris leads online dance teachers trainings, spanish gypsy skirt dance and zambra certification programsYou will receive a great wealth of knowledge in succinct segments of valuable information filled with super practical applications, so you can obtain quick results and take your dance career to the next level right away.

As soon as you sign up, you will gain access to exciting multimedia content clearly structured for easy assimilation. Content might include step-by-step training videos, lesson plans, done-for-you templates, wisdom sheets, action guides and resource lists.

I could have written for you a 500 page manual to give you information for hours to end and keep you busy for several months. But, I don’t believe that getting you into more information overload is going to make you happier or a better dancer.

Instead, I have done the leg work for you! I have taken difficult subjects and made them easy, digestible and actionable, so you can get tangible results right away.

All the content is delivered in progression so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Getting content dripped on a weekly or monthly basis is a proven method for faster results, as you have time to assimilate.

This Online School is built on a robust system so you can access the training from your computer, table, or smartphone.

Puela Lunaris is considered a world expert in Zambra. She has rescued Zambra form danger of extinction and teaches Zambra workshops world wide and online

image_65You are very important to me! I will be asking you for feedback often to make sure that your online learning experience at the Lunaris Online Dance Academy is user-friendly, easy, and pleasant.

I am here for you 100%, to support you and to provide what you need to the very best of my ability, so you feel totally self-assured as a dancer and dance teacher.

What about time investment?

We all need different amounts of time to process and learn new information. This is a self-paced training. Therefore, there is no mandatory homework

Puela Lunaris lead exciting online dance teachers training and certification programs on barefoot flamenco and spanish gypsy skirt danceWhether you prefer to assimilate the substantial wealth of information provided in this training fast or slowly, I am very supportive of you working at your own pace. That will get you where you need to go on a schedule that’s perfect for you.

You are welcome to submit samples of how you are using these dance techniques in your own fusions, as we might conduct reviews and feedback sessions during our group coaching.

What Are Dancers and Dance Teachers Saying About this Training?

“Puela Lunaris has far exceeded my expectations for this training!

jesska is a graduate of the Puela Lunaris' Spanish Skirt Dance Teacher Training, she has learned the foundations of barefoot flamenco for bellydancers and moreHer level of expertise and ability to break down every detail in every step has made this online course feel as though I was taking it in an actual dance class rather than virtually. Puela provided so much information that covers not only the technique of the dance but the culture, history, and life behind the dance, which made me feel more and more comfortable and knowledgeable of the Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance.

Since I’ve started my online teacher-training, I have developed a more in-depth warm up targeting muscles throughout the entire body. In addition, I have become clearer in my breakdown of combinations by applying the Lunaris’ numeric, kinesthetic, and syllabic technique.

Every dollar spent has been worth it!
Jesska, Founder BaileDance Company, New York City

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Natasha is a graduate of the Puela Lunaris' Spanish Skirt Dance Teacher Training, she has learned the foundations of barefoot flamenco, marketing skill for dancers and more“This course has changed how I think of myself.
I am excited to say that I now think of myself as a dance teacher.

My main hesitation in taking the course was around having the confidence to think that I would ever be able to be a dance teacher. During the course I learnt techniques for teaching, was provided with a wealth of background information and was given a clear and strong teaching structure. This gave me the confidence to begin teaching dance, and to enjoy teaching dance.

I was amazed and impressed by the level of detail covered by the course, and the clear, concise way in which it was organised into bite size chunks which made it feel accessible. I would recommend this course to all those who love Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance and would like to teach it.

Thank you Puela !!”
Natasha Dunlop. Norfolk, United Kingdom

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“Puela makes sure everyone gets what they needed!

Maureen is a graduate of the Puela Lunaris' Spanish Skirt Dance Online Teacher Training, she has learned the foundations of barefoot flamenco, marketing skills for dancers, history of flamenco and moreThis online course is structured very well. The multi media approach is fantastic, backed up by email and facebook support. Although I couldn’t work around the office hours, I felt I was included in what was going on, and was able to feel very encouraged and appreciated. The set up is comprehensive- Puela has made sure everything the student needs is there, with the updates, links and homework.

I have benefited from this training by learning about the Spanish gypsy skirt dance; choreography, musicality, palmas, also the subtleties of flamenco styles, as well as being able to say what you think and comment on articles and ideas. I appreciated the articles and videos very much, as I know how much hard work, dedication and care that all took.

Puela made sure everyone got what they needed, and if there was any problem, she was very patient and bent over backwards to make sure it was solved. The pastoral care on this course is excellent. I also feel I can talk much more knowlegeably about flamenco. This training has filled in a lot of gaps for me.

Now I have the vocabulary to break down the moves, as well as the imagery!”

Maureen Theresa. Dancer, soloist; writer/blogger. Walsall, United Kingdom

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“Puela is THE source to learn from!
Elena Rose is a graduate of the Puela Lunaris' Spanish Skirt Dance Online Teacher Training, she has learned the foundations of barefoot flamenco, marketing skills for dancers, history of flamenco and moreI have benefited from this training in many ways. I gained knowledge about the Spanish gypsy culture, notable figures in the flamenco dance and music, learned dance terminology, developed and improved my musicality. We were provided with great structure and format for our class in lesson plans. The marketing modules were great and very thorough.

My hesitation was if I had the time to complete exercises and be as involved as I need to be since I had started a new job. I love having the modules and videos to read and watch over and over again. Having the ability to print out the lesson plans and other information. I enjoyed having the facebook group and being able to see the other teachers’ comments on this dance subject. Puela made herself available for discussions each week and she set up a time to go over and give helpful insight after we submitted our teaching videos.

This training has helped me to have a better ear to listen to the music and work on my musicality and counting out the phrases. Puela has given different options as to help our students so we can teach them in different ways to stay on time with the music.

Yes! I would recommend this training. Puela pays attention to detail and provides a wealth of information. She is very passionate about preserving these dances and I am so happy that she is willing to share and to provide historical information along with great music as part of the Spanish Gypsy skirt dance teacher training program. I am happy to be a part of this program for I believe Puela is THE source to learn from.

Thank you Puela for taking the time to provide this Spanish Gypsy skirt dance teacher training experience and all your hard work in putting this together along with the production of the video modules!”

Elena Rose. Spring Lake, North Carolina

Do I get Bonuses?

great graduation bonuses on puela lunaris dance teachers training online

Yes! You get fabulous bonuses! Among other things, you get:

  • Overview of The Blueprint for Learning and Teaching Dance (This resource will give you tons of amazing ideas)
  • Additional sample lesson plans for further dance exploration including: hip-hop, modern dance history, and choreographic devices.
  • Annotated bibliographies and recommended articles
  • Resources Lists
  • Amazing music
  • And more…

Is this Course Guaranteed?

take risk-free dance courses at puela lunaris online school. satisfaction guranteeYes! You can experience this training 100% Risk Free

My mission is to share with you the wonders of Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco for World Fusion™ and to help you realize your full potential as a dancer/dance teacher,

That’s why I invite you to check out this professional development program FREE of charge!

If you are signing up for the monthly plan use the coupon specialgift at check out, so your sign-up fee will be waived and you have a whole three days to participate in the program.

If you are signing up for the yearly plan, you have a whole 7 days free of charge to drive-test the program. Either way, your credit card will not be charged during the FREE trial period.

Are there any Scholarships or Work-Exchange Available?

Are there any Scholarships or Work-Exchange Available?

Yes! I have several opportunities for work-exchange available, including Community Manager, Content Creation, and Student-Care positions. If interested, email me at contact@puelalunaris.com


Ok, Puela, so when is this amazing training happening?

It is happening already. Don’t miss out. Join now!

Puela Lunaris work as a dance teacher featured by Italian TV InternationalThis training is offered entirely online, so you can access it from anywhere in the world, saving you tons of time, travel and money.

I love the fact that we can dance together in cyberspace and that we can actively connect with each other anywhere in the world.

This is truly an awesome and unique opportunity to experience an in-depth, multimedia, interactive dance training with a loving and dedicated teacher who will answer your questions and with a wonderful global community of wonderful dancers like yourself, so you can expand your knowledge based on interaction with others.

What Are Next Steps?

This program will open up very soon! Make sure to stay in touch! So I can let you know when we open and offer you the best deals!

Please fill out the survey below to let me know what are your needs and desires as a dancer.