Ananda Yoga-Dance™

Mahalakshmi: Flow of Fortune/Dance of Abundance

Ananda Yoga-Dance™ is fun, invigorating and rejuvenating

Puela Lunaris teaches Yoga Dance online in New York City and world wide

In this workshop, Puela Lunaris leads us into an empowering experience of hatha, bakti and raja yoga around a single subject: our personal relationship with the enjoyment of all good things in life, as symbolized by MahaLakshmi, goddess of fortune, who is traditionally known to grant health, wealth, happy relationships and auspicious circumstances.

To connect with and attract the Flow of Fortune in our lives we will follow special synchronization of Pranayamas (breathing techniques), Asanas (postures) Bandhas (energy locks), Vinyasas (flows), Mudras (hand gestures), and Mantras (sound work) geared toward dissolving blockages to the enjoyment of all good things, and to allow the expression of the Dance of Abundance in our lives.

For more information or to book this workshop with Puela Lunaris use the form below. You may also call to inquire by phone 1-212-675-9485 (M-F 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time)