The Dance of the Universe™

Puela Lunaris with Deepak Chopra right before performing for one of deepak's book launch in new york city

I call Whirling “The Dance of the Universe” because from the smallest electron to the largest galaxy everything is whirling and the whirling dance of star dust in nebulae across the cosmos is literally the Dance that Creates Worlds.

The Dance of the Universe™ is a whirling dance meditation technique inspired by the wisdom of the ages in the fields of dance, science and spirituality.

The Dance of the Universe™ is dedicated to my beloved teacher Deepak Chopra, for his teachings always remind me of our natural connection to the Creative Consciousness that is Dancing the Dance of the Universe.


You can bring The Dance of the Universe™ to your live event
as a multimedia presentation, a whirling workshop or a performance.

Multimedia Presentation

  • Puela Lunaris teaches whirling internationally as well as on her online school. Take a free whirling course onlineWhirling: Nothing New Under the Sun A fascinating time travel through the history of whirling in Western culture: from the shamanic and fertility rites of prehistory, to the cosmological research and rituals of Pythagoras’ Mystery School, to the grand ecstasy legacy shared by Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes.
  • We Live in a Dancing Universe In this segment we discover the importance and the many implications that the whirling dance of electrons, planets and galaxies have in our lives.
  • The Whirling Dance of Time As the Earth performs its whirling dance in space, we perceive it as passing of time. This portion of the presentation is an exploration of our socio-cultural construction of time. Where does our measurement of time come from? How have people in different cultures perceived, measured, and managed time? Is time linear or cyclical? Can past, present and future happen at the same time?

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This is a multi-sensory, hands-on workshop where you learn:

  • * Empowering Conditioning Exercises to Access the Power of Whirling, based on Sacred Geometry concepts of ancient Mediterranean culturesInternationally acclaimed dancer, Puela Lunaris teaches Whirling as a dance meditation. Learn turning techniques for your veil, wings and cape.
  • *  The 4 Foundational Styles of Whirling:
  • 1.-The Wild Dervish
  • 2.-Gaea and Uranus
  • 3.-Focus Pocus
  • 4.-Galactic Ecstasy
  • *How to ground the powerful energy whirling generates
  • *Practical Uses of Whirling in Daily Life
  • *Whirling with Children
  • *Important Pointers to Developing Your Own Practice

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To gain the benefits of The Dance of the Universe™ you don’t have to whirl….  Did you know that when the sultans of the Ottoman empire needed to make important decisions they called the Whirling Dervishes? Just by beholding whirling, the sultans received the right intuitions and inspiration they needed. My whirling dance The Joy of Being Alive has always been one of the most popular dances among my audiences, regardless of what part of the world I might have been performing in. This elegant, spectacular and flamboyant whirling dance might be just the touch you need in your event to open up vortexes of energy into the realms of the extraordinary.

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Some of the Benefits You Can Experience from The Dance of the Universe™ are:
Feel Grounded
Release Blocked Energies
Energize  your  Intentions

Experience Bliss and Ecstasy
Attract Wonderful Synchronicities
Slow Down the Tumbling of the Mind

Harmonize and Relax Your Nervous System

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