puela lunaris performing a fusion of gypsy skirt dance and bellydance

Barefoot Flamenco (part 1)

Barefoot Flamenco is not a technique, but a way of interpreting Flamenco dance. Similar to Isadora Duncan’s experience in the beginning of the 20th century, I feel constricted dancing in shoes. I love the freedom and the lyricism of dancing barefoot. My choreographic voice in this field of dance involves a contemporary approach to Flamenco dance deeply inspired by the ancestral roots of this art form.

Puela Lunaris choreographs and teaches Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dances. Barefoot Flamenco and flamenco arabe bellydance fusion. World dance

“Falda Fights” World Premiere

This is a Choreographic tribute to one of my Flamenco dance heroes:  Antonio Gades. He was a non-gypsy dancer and choreographer well loved by everyone, gypsies and non-gypsies alike. As his sources of inspiration, he always drew from Flamenco as an oral tradition and as a folklore. This piece, which premiered at the Rakkasah Spring […]

Puela Lunaris performing gypsy skirt dance in new york city to beatboxguitar

Gypsy Skirt Dance Improvisation with Beatbox Guitar

Today, I want to share with you how traditional Spanish gypsy skirt moves go with contemporary world-class fusion music. Using the moves you learn on the exciting online course Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance, in this performance I am improvising to the fabulous music of the ever-popular Beatbox Guitar. Many thanks to awesome Kaeshi Chai for […]