puela lunaris performing a fusion of gypsy skirt dance and bellydance

Barefoot Flamenco (part 1)

Barefoot Flamenco is not a technique, but a way of interpreting Flamenco dance. Similar to Isadora Duncan’s experience in the beginning of the 20th century, I feel constricted dancing in shoes. I love the freedom and the lyricism of dancing barefoot. My choreographic voice in this field of dance involves a contemporary approach to Flamenco dance deeply inspired by the ancestral roots of this art form.

Puela Lunaris performing barefoot flamenco at the throne room of alexander the great

Barefoot Flamenco (Part 2)

Since 1993, I have been developing a barefoot Flamenco choreographic body of work that emphasizes creative self-expression and connection to my audience, rather than merely the use of choreographic devices or technical virtuosity. Similarly, I have developed my own distinctive style, using a free-flowing, interpretative approach to Flamenco, doing away with the rigid rules characteristic of conventional, footwork-based Flamenco dance.

Puela Lunaris choreographs and teaches Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dances. Barefoot Flamenco and flamenco arabe bellydance fusion. World dance

“Falda Fights” World Premiere

This is a Choreographic tribute to one of my Flamenco dance heroes:  Antonio Gades. He was a non-gypsy dancer and choreographer well loved by everyone, gypsies and non-gypsies alike. As his sources of inspiration, he always drew from Flamenco as an oral tradition and as a folklore. This piece, which premiered at the Rakkasah Spring […]

Puela Lunaris dances and teaches Flamenco barefoot in the tradition of La Chunga

La Chunga

Often times I am asked if Barefoot Flamenco is something I have invented? The answer is NO, I cannot take credit for that, and nobody really should. With the Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco Tradition (LBFT) I uphold a time-honored legacy from my own culture, which I am reviving and passing down along with its history and […]

Puela Lunaris teaches Mediterranean Tambourine: gypsy, moorish, temple styles. For Bellydance and Flamenco

Gypsy Sephardi Tambourine

Ever since times immemorial my ancestors in Spain (and all over the Mediterranean area actually) danced with the tambourine. The Iberians, the Celts, the Romans, the Sephardim, the Moors, the Gypsies… The tambourine has been part of all the cultures that have left a footprint in Spain. Until recently, the tambourine was also part of […]

Puela Lunaris, who is devoted to rescuing Zambra Mora from danger or extinction, interviews Amaya.

Fascinating Interviews: Zambra Mora – Puela & Amaya

As you probably know, since 1994 I am on a mission to rescue the tradition of Zambra Mora from danger of extinction. That’s why I have created the Zambra Center. Here you can enjoy an interview I conducted with Amaya about this once-forbidden, passionate tradition of Zambra.

Puela Lunaris performing gypsy skirt dance in new york city to beatboxguitar

Gypsy Skirt Dance Improvisation with Beatbox Guitar

Today, I want to share with you how traditional Spanish gypsy skirt moves go with contemporary world-class fusion music. Using the moves you learn on the exciting online course Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance, in this performance I am improvising to the fabulous music of the ever-popular Beatbox Guitar. Many thanks to awesome Kaeshi Chai for […]

Puela Lunaris teaches zambra moraworkshops worldwidide and online

Zambra at the Omega Institute

Here I am performing Zambra at a Special Event in honor of Ram Dass at the Omega Institute, the larges holistic studies institute in the nation, where I used to be core faculty.     If you like Zambra, you can learn this whole dance with me online. But, no worries, you dont have to […]

Puela Lunaris performing a legendary rumba in her barefoot flamenco style in Babylon

Gypsy Skirt Dance- Rumba Flamenca in Babylon

Performing Spanish Gypsy Skirt dance in my barefoot Flamenco signature style at the ancient city of Babylon was truly a life changing experience! Ever since I was a little girl reading the Bible stories about the Garden of Eden between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers I used to day-dream with that exotic land. I […]