puela lunaris performing a fusion of gypsy skirt dance and bellydance

Barefoot Flamenco (part 1)

Barefoot Flamenco is not a technique, but a way of interpreting Flamenco dance. Similar to Isadora Duncan’s experience in the beginning of the 20th century, I feel constricted dancing in shoes. I love the freedom and the lyricism of dancing barefoot. My choreographic voice in this field of dance involves a contemporary approach to Flamenco dance deeply inspired by the ancestral roots of this art form.

Puela Lunaris performing barefoot flamenco at the throne room of alexander the great

Barefoot Flamenco (Part 2)

Since 1993, I have been developing a barefoot Flamenco choreographic body of work that emphasizes creative self-expression and connection to my audience, rather than merely the use of choreographic devices or technical virtuosity. Similarly, I have developed my own distinctive style, using a free-flowing, interpretative approach to Flamenco, doing away with the rigid rules characteristic of conventional, footwork-based Flamenco dance.

The Archetypal Experience of the American Dream

Madonna: a case study When I use the term “The Archetypal Experience of the American Dream”, I am referring to a certain mentality, that I have found in the US, which allows people to –first of all- dream, and then, believe that they can make that dream come true. I was born and grew up […]

Puela Lunaris is a dance educator that leads online trainings on barefoot flamenco, flamenco arabe fusions, bellydance and world dance. She uses the blueprint for teaching and learning in dance from the nyc doe

Blueprint for Teaching Dance (Part 2)

By Puela Lunaris * Click here to read part 1 of this article The Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance was developed with the advice and counsel of the members of Dance Education departments on college campuses across New York City. Furthermore, universities, conservatories and colleges are integrating this document into their coursework, reflecting […]