Puela Lunaris teaches Mediterranean Tambourine: gypsy, moorish, temple styles. For Bellydance and Flamenco

Gypsy Sephardi Tambourine

Ever since times immemorial my ancestors in Spain (and all over the Mediterranean area actually) danced with the tambourine. The Iberians, the Celts, the Romans, the Sephardim, the Moors, the Gypsies… The tambourine has been part of all the cultures that have left a footprint in Spain. Until recently, the tambourine was also part of our Flamenco legacy.

However, now tambourine dancing and playing is truly an aspect of Flamenco in danger of extinction.  To honor and keep alive this ancient tradition, I perform this barefoot Flamenco dance to the tunes of the soulful Campanilleros Flamenco music.



  • Michelle Ruffo

    Once again Puela, your performance was just fabulous. Thank you for keeping people like who enjoy Flamenco aware of traditions. It makes me want to dance and spread the “gyps soul ” to all my family, friends and follow dance partners.
    Michelle Ruffo

    • Puela Lunaris

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your soulful comment. It really means a lot to me!

  • Davida Williams

    Puela, thank you for including me in your dance journeys. I truly enjoyed the time we spent together, you teaching me the basics of flamenco dance a little more than three years ago. By the way, everyone loved it. I have thought of you often, and will be seeking you out for more dance lessons, even though it will not be in the immediate future. However, with life you never can tell.

    And I might add, what a brilliant performance.

    • Puela Lunaris

      I enjoyed spending time with you too. Please keep on dancing!