The Statue of Liberty a Gypsy Dancer?

statue-liberty-gypsy-dancerThere she stands, upholding the Torch of Freedom high in the sky, the Tablet of the Law by her waistline.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a dancer or a non-dancer, try this: stand up, close your eyes and hold her posture for thirty seconds, Then, come back.

What happened? Did you get a vision in your mind’s eye? An inspiration? Did one of your inner voices whisper something to you? How did you feel in your body?

When I did it, I was inspired to create an entire choreography called “Lerele & Lolailo.”

A choreography that embodies the experience of freedom our souls long for. 

A choreography that connects my avant-garde dancer-yogini lifestyle in New York City with my ancestral cultural heritage of Spanish Gypsies, Jews and Moors freedom fighters.

A choreography that makes me feel excited about being alive.

A choreography that I am now training dance teachers from different parts of the world to teach.

Have you ever asked yourself: if the Statue of Liberty could dance, how would she dance? 

I have asked myselfPuela Lunaris teaches barefoot flamenco for bellydancers that question many times and the answer I get is always the same: she would dance as a Gypsy Flamenco dancer!

Lady Liberty is very “Flamenkish.”  Both in her posture and in what she represents.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a dancer or a non-dancer, today, I invite you –and challenge you– to adopt the Statue of Liberty pose, make her come alive, embody her.  Let’s do it together. Click the “Take this course” button above to access this (free) lesson. It is fun!

If you are an aspiring or current dance teacher and would like to teach this dance, now is your opportunity. I am offering a comprehensive online teacher training.

Click here if you are a current or aspiring dance teacher