Gypsy Skirt Dance Improvisation – Rumbas

Performing Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance in my barefoot Flamenco signature style at the ancient city of Babylon was truly a life changing experience!


The Rumba is a joyful  Flamenco style that has gypsy, North-African and Afro-Caribbean influences.

Every move you will learn in this Gypsy Skirt Dance course, you can use to dance playful rumbas like the one yu se in this performance.


In this Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance online course, I break down in digestible bites the different fun techniques to dance with your skirt. By taking the course, you can learn a whole choreography and you can also use this dance vocabulary in your own fusions.

Making the skirt the focus of your dance is an art in danger of extinction.  I have happily devoted myself for years to research and recover this feminine style of dancing Flamenco. One thing I can tell you: dancing like this enhances your life fore and brings out you feminine charm :-)