Zambra Mora and Barefoot Flamenco master teacher Puela Lunaris interviews Jorge el Canastero of the Farruco Family in Sevilla outside the museum of Cristina Hoyos

Fascinating Interviews: Farruco Family – Jorge El Canastero

In this video, enjoy with me a delightful Spring night in Seville (Spain), right outside the Museo del Baile Flamenco, nearby the world famous Giralda Tower.

I am interviewing the awesome gypsy singer Jorge El Canastero of the Farruco Family.  Jorge carries the tradition of the Legendary Gypsy Masters.


  • Amaya

    Me gusta como hablas. Puela, I love the way you speak. You have a very European sense about you. Love your work, love your interview…and those church bells! Great touch!

    • Puela Lunaris

      Thanks Amaya! Coming from a bright dancer/producer like yourself, that is a real compliment!

  • Rafaelina Tineo

    Puela Lunaris you Rock! Congratulations!

    • Puela Lunaris

      Thanks Rafaelina! Your artistry is also a source of inspiration to me.