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Puela Lunaris is considered a world expert in Zambra. She has rescued Zambra form danger of extinction and teaches Zambra workshops world wide and online

Hello Gorgeous Dancer,

I know that traveling to Spain or New York City to study with me can be expensive.  That’s why dancers have asked me to offer a Dancer’s Training Online at an affordable price.

You will benefit from three main pillars on our training:

  1. Your Creativity/Artistry
  2. Your Impact In The World
  3. Your Relationship With Your Body

I designed a survey to understand your objectives, needs, and desires for personal and professional development as a dancer.

Answer every question in the survey and you will get a very special and juicy gift:

  • A Private -30 minute- Coaching Session with me over Skype or on the phone ($250 value)

If you have any questions, write to me at: with “Dancer Training” on the subject line. You are also welcome to call me at 212-675-9485

After filling out every question on the survey, you will get the info to schedule your private coaching session FREE of charge.

Even if you are not interested in the gifts, I would appreciate your input as a dancer. Please take a minute to tell me what is important to YOU!

Plus, you will receive a copy of your answers, which will help you to better understand your own dance journey!

With much love,