Zambra Mora and Barefoot Flamenco master teacher Puela Lunaris interviews Jorge el Canastero of the Farruco Family in Sevilla outside the museum of Cristina Hoyos

Fascinating Interviews: Farruco Family – Jorge El Canastero

In this video, enjoy with me a delightful Spring night in Seville (Spain), right outside the Museo del Baile Flamenco, nearby the world famous Giralda Tower. I am interviewing the awesome gypsy singer Jorge El Canastero of the Farruco Family.  Jorge carries the tradition of the Legendary Gypsy Masters.

Puela Lunaris, who is devoted to rescuing Zambra Mora from danger or extinction, interviews Amaya.

Fascinating Interviews: Zambra Mora – Puela & Amaya

As you probably know, since 1994 I am on a mission to rescue the tradition of Zambra Mora from danger of extinction. That’s why I have created the Zambra Center. Here you can enjoy an interview I conducted with Amaya about this once-forbidden, passionate tradition of Zambra.