The castle where I was raised

I want to share with you a bit about the awesome place where I was born! The ancient castle and village of Montanchez in Southwestern Spain (about two hours from Seville). My birthplace was considered in ancient times the sacred mountain of goddess Ataecina, also known as Proserpina and Persephone. For centuries, the castle was […]

Puela Lunaris, bellydance-barefoot flamenco fusion performer is also a dance historian and ethnography scholar

Still New Year, New You? (A Ritual of Renewal)

Do you remember the excitement of the new year? Beginning a new cycle? Your new year’s resolutions?… Or is that excitement of the New Year/New You gone… and what’s left is the “same old, same old”? In Montanchez, the ancient village where I was born in Southwestern Spain, people enact, at this time of the […]

Puela Lunaris is preserving flamenco as an oral traditions. Here are la macanita, el bobote, remedios amaya, familia montoya de sevilla, lole, carmelilla montoya, la negra, and more

Gypsy Children Singing & Dancing

In 1994 I began The Chanelar Flamenco Project as part of Dances of the World Society’s focus on preserving aspects of  Flamenco in danger of extinction, specially the oral tradition. I am delighted to share with you below an outstanding vintage documentary (produced by TVE- the public national television of Spain) where we can see […]

Puela Lunaris dances and teaches Flamenco barefoot in the tradition of La Chunga

La Chunga

Often times I am asked if Barefoot Flamenco is something I have invented? The answer is NO, I cannot take credit for that, and nobody really should. With the Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco Tradition (LBFT) I uphold a time-honored legacy from my own culture, which I am reviving and passing down along with its history and […]