Puela Lunaris leads dance teachers trainings world-wide through her online schoolPuela Lunaris is a Zambra and Barefoot Flamenco specialist. She is a sought after instructor in Bellydance circles because of her extensive research on dances of Morisco, Gypsy and Sephardic origins from her native Spain.

A loving and dedicated teacher, Puela Lunaris has developed Danza Mediterranea®, which includes ancient and contemporary dance styles from different Mediterranean areas including Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, and -of course- Spain.

To book a workshop, demo-lecture, performance or choreographic residency with Puela, please write to: contact(at)puelalunaris.com, specifying how many participants do you expect, what is your budget, where and when the event will take place. You may also call to inquire 1-212-675-9485 (Eastern Standard Time)



Puela Lunaris taught a master class at CUNY Hunter College Dance Program
“Your master class was exciting, expertly taught and we all learned a great deal. Thank you for taking time to come to Hunter and share your expertise.”


Jana Feinman Ph.D
Director Dance Program
City University of New York- Hunter College


Zambra is a passionate and sensual dance of Moorish origins from my native Spain. I have been dancing it since I was a child. By learning it, you get to embody the elegance of Flamenco and the sensuality of Bellydance.

In this workshop you learn the essence of Zambra. Plus you will get an overview of the fascinating and intriguing Zambra history.

This video might give you an idea of the Zambra workshop content:



Puela Lunaris is a world wide expert on Zambra. A pioneer who carries the torch of this ancient tradition from her own culture, she has rescued Zambra from danger of extinction and made it popular internationally. Now you can learn Zambra on her online school.

Are You Ready to Embody the Elegance of the Statue of Liberty and the Sex-Appeal of Marilyn Monroe?


In this workshop you’ll learn from Puela an exciting dance from her own culture: The Spanish Gypsy Skirt Dance, a feminine barefoot flamenco style that Puela has rescued from danger of extinction and is quickly becoming very popular among Belly dancers.  Before you know, you’ll be waving your skirt into passionate flames and having a great time dancing a sensual and playful choreography!



Gyspy Skirt Dance

Mediterranean Tambourine!

Tambourine dances are traditional all over the Mediterranean and the Middle-East. From ancient temples dances to contemporary theatrical fusion productions, the tambourine has always been present in the Bellydance world as an exciting dance with many variations.

In this workshop, you will learn traditional dance steps that you can gracefully blend into any Bellydance style of your choice including: Gypsy, Sacred, Folkloric, Tribal, Theatrical, Spanish, Moorish, Sephardim, Armenian, Turkish, etc.

You will be learning fun tambourine dance techniques based on traditional shakes, hops and slaps. Then, we will put together the steps and combinations with both Western and Eastern Mediterranean music. (Spain and Armenia)

Expect to take away from this workshop enticing dance steps and combinations that you can use right away in your own dances.  Lively, magical, and invigorating, this tambourine dance is sure to get you and your audience excited!

Class attire: if possible bring a wide skirt. However, bringing a tambourine is NOT mandatory, as you can perfectly learn the steps by themselves and put them together with the tambourine later at your convenience. (Actually, each of the steps you will be learning are marvelous to behold without the tambourine as well




A Dramatic Stage Presence – Barefoot Flamenco for Bellydancers™

Enhance your stage presence dramatically by gaining access to the Lunaris Barefoot Flamenco Tradition (LBFT). Learn the thrilling elements of Feminine Barefoot Flamenco such as Braceo (armwork), Marcajes (marking the rhythm with your feet and body), Vueltas (turns), Contoneos (sways), and Percusión Corporal (body percussion). You will be able to use each of these elements right away in your own fusions and choreography.

Further, in this workshop you also learn how to integrate these elements into a playful, sensual and passionate dance phrase. In addition, we’ll explore how the foundational Flamenco principles of contrast, postural alignment, and relationship with gravity can add spice to your dance and magnify your stage presence. Ole!”



Puela Lunaris teaches barefoot flamenco for bellydancers, both in-person and online.